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[cross-project-issues-dev] Orbit build qualifiers changing with each build


One milestone ago Nicolas Bros started the thread "conflicting dependencies to Orbit". From all the 47 posts I can not remember if there was some kind of consensus on how we're planning to resolve that issue. My build is currently hitting it again. In this particular case it's all kinds of plugins (e.g. swtbot, mwe2) that depend on very specific log4j version. In fact they all want log4j 1.2.5, but one plugin has built its feature with an old Orbit, others built against a newer Orbit.

I would like to know:

1) Why does Orbit change the qualifier with each build although I assume that nothng in these plugins has ever changed since their creation?

2) Do we have a plan how to resolve the issue in the future that the <includes> tag in Eclipse features leads to dependency ranges like "[x,x]" in p2?



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