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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] dependencies, build and P2

I am not Thomas, and I can't speak for him, but IMHO (and probably what Thomas meant :) is that it is just fine to talk about general "releng" issue on this mailing list, to the extent they pertain to "cross-project releng"  .... there is no other specific mailing list or newsgroup for that topic ... but ... at some point, the discussions should move to bugzilla where its easier to track and turn into actionable items. (This is a common pattern for many mailing lists ... start with general questions "is this a bug?", "is this documented anywhere?", and then end up opening a bug after some initial discussion narrows the issue)  

In the worst case, it is acceptable to open "high level" bugs for cross-project bugzillas, say "need to improve releng workflow" or "need documentation on xxxxxx" or similar, if the discussion on the mailing list does not narrow down the topic any further. Here's my current understanding of the current state of questions/issues ... any others?

1. A proposed infrastructure that would simplify Indigo builds.
     I think this is the newly opened bug 332942.
2. Feature includes versus dependencies expressed as feature requirements or bundle requirements.

     Addressed by John's recent comments.
3. How to make Orbit bundles available to end users when Indigo isn't used.

     There is a (poorly documented) Orbit repository (see bug 274837).
     For example,
     Was something more required/desired?
4. How to populate a target platform for the build.

     Hmm, not sure what's needed/desired here (I have not read all the mailing list posts in detail, if you can't tell),
     but does Jeff's recent "populate faster" blog post help?

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Date:        12/20/2010 01:50 PM
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Is there a forum deadicated to RelEng processes? If not I'd certainly find it useful to have a place to simply talk about those issues.


On 12/20/2010 3:50 AM, Thomas Hallgren wrote:

Perhaps we should split the discussion into several threads, and if possible move those threads to a smaller forum?

- thomas

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