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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] dependencies, build and P2

Am 20.12.2010 09:20, schrieb Thomas Hallgren:
On 2010-12-20 09:08, Eike Stepper wrote:
Am 20.12.2010 09:05, schrieb Thomas Hallgren:
On 2010-12-20 08:25, Eike Stepper wrote:
...  just causes a failure if the required components are not already there. Seems I was wrong?

Yes, that's wrong. You use the old (before p2) non-greedy interpretation of a requirement. Today, p2 will always install what's missing since it treats requirements as greedy.
Oh! So, why don't we all just convert "include derby 10.5.1.v2010nnnnn" to "require derby [10.0.0,11.0.0)" then?

Why don't you remove that requirement altogether and rely on what's expressed in your bundle requirements?
The p2 repo produced by my build currently *contains* copies of javax.servlet, derby, h2 and other third party stuff that is needed by my users. I'm really not happy about this duplication but in the end I have to ensure that my users can easily install my features/bundles. Note that only part of my features is contributed to Indigo. Often users want to newer integration builds directly from my own p2 repos or they want to use something that can not go to / be in Indigo. As of now Orbit itself is not in Indigo and I may not add discovery URLs to my features that point outside of Indigo. So, how can I prevent that a user who wants to install my project doesn't just see the p2 error "Can not install for unsatisfied requirements"?



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