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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] dependencies, build and P2

I do agree with the +4, but the scale goes only to +3. The +4 step is the production of EPP packages. We do depend for example for the Papyrus project, on the modisco project, which is also +3. I had to wait last release night that this project released its own repository, and then had to produce my build after. Because of that, I had to push very late (for me) an update site, which was not correct, and Papyrus was removed from the M4 release.

I think I will have to discuss of these dependencies with the Eclipse foundation (possibility of a +4 day, or a better way to deal with build dependencies). This is the first year we are in the official release train, we are discovering these issues, and we do not have lots of ideas ;)


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On 2010-12-20 11:50, SCHNEKENBURGER Remi 211865 wrote:
> ...
> For the repo dependency, this would be effectively nice to have +0, +1, ... repo during milestones build. Unfortunately, I depend on +3 projects.
If you depend on +3 projects, then per definition, you must be a +4. How 
else can you have a fair chance to build and test your builds? I suspect 
that the current cycles reflects an approximation and not the real 
cases. With the number of projects involved, there are probably more 
than 3 cycles. It would be interesting to see an Indigo project 
dependency graph.

- thomas

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