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[cross-project-issues-dev] WindowBuilder joining the release train

Hi everyone,

As you may have seen today, Google announced that it was contributing
the former-Instantiations WindowBuilder product (core engine plus SWT
& Swing Designer) to the Eclipse Foundation. The SWT tools currently
support SWT, JFace, RCP, eRCP, XWT and Nebula. Details concerning he
capabilities of the core engine are available in the project proposal

We would like to join the release train and eventually become a
component of one or more of the major distributions (as appropriate).
WindowBuilder is highly extensible and highly modular so that its
various parts may be combined to address the needs of specific
distributions. WindowBuilder is also a very mature tool and has a long
history of tracking Eclipse releases very closely (the tool is
currently compatible with 3.7 as-is).

The existing Google (former-Instantiations) WindowBuilder team will be
joining the project as committers and working very hard to get it
ready for the release train. We have also signed up several other
Google employees and a number of folks from other organizations who
are interested in contributing to the project. We are actively looking
for other folks who would like to become involved at this stage.

For those who don't know me, I have been involved in Eclipse since
first being briefed on it back in 1999. At Instantiations we built a
couple of the very early Eclipse demos that were shown when IBM
announced the project in 2001, and we created a number of popular
commercial add-ons for Eclipse such as CodePro, WindowBuilder and
WindowTester. Dan Rubel (who will also be working on this project) and
I are also co-authors of the popular "Eclipse Plug-ins" book.

On a personal note, we are very happy to find a new home for
WindowBuilder... a project that has been very near and dear to my
heart for the last seven years (or 17 years if you count early
incarnations in the Smalltalk world). I also want to thank my current
employer, Google, for the wisdom, trust, and encouragement to make
this contribution possible. They have made it easy for us to "do the
right thing" and make this tool freely available to everyone.



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