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[cross-project-issues-dev] Swordfish leaving Indigo release train

While a lot of projects jump on the release train I have to announce that the Swordfish project plans to leave the Indigo release train [1]. Unfortunately for the Swordfish committers the focus at work drastically changed. We are therefore not be able anymore to adequately maintain the project an to fulfill the obligations when being in the release train. As far as I know no other project depends on Swordfish, so removing it should not disrupt other projects in Indigo. Let me know as soon as possible if yet a project depends on Swordfish. As leaving the release train of course also affects the EPP SOA package I will also do the announcement int the EPP mailing list and the SOA IWG mailing to to further discuss technical and organizational issues.

Zsolt Beothy-Elo


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