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[cross-project-issues-dev] Ready for Indigo M4 crunch?

Just wanted to remind everyone that with M4 we move to the "short window", So, today is +0 ... Wednesday is +3.  EPP Packages on Thursday, and make available on Friday, 12/17/2010,  9 AM (Eastern). That's the plan.  So we can all have a nice relaxing holiday.

So, please pay close attention to aggregation build breaks. I know I will be!

Also, M4 is the deadline for projects to declare intent, and get into the aggregation build for the common repository.

See for all the common documents and links you'll need to participate.

Especially the requirements document:
The requirements document is considered done, for Indigo. There might be editing for clarity, but the list of requirements should not change substantially ... and there are only small changes from last year's list..

The web app that summarizes the metadata (and the Portal's tracking data entry) is mostly ready. There are some edits still required there. But should be usable, not lose data, etc.
Start at

As always, feel free to ask questions. Here on cross-project list is best.

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