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[cross-project-issues-dev] M3 staging repository is done

Thanks to all for cleaning up the contributions to make M3 come together cleanly. I've promoted the latest (and final M3) to 'staging'.

The EPP Project (i.e. Markus) is making progress on getting the EPP packages running again, so that outlook is good (for Friday or Monday).

Assuming no blocking (truly blocking) bugs are found on Thursday, I'll promote the staging bits to /releases/indigo on Friday morning.

Be sure not to make any other changes to b3aggrcon files or your contributed repositories, until next week just to leave things in a steady state in case we do need an emergency respin.
I've temporarily disabled the Indigo aggregation to help avoid confusion, so if someone does need an emergency fix on Thursday, remind me to enable it.

Thanks again ... I can feel the Indigo momentum growing!

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