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[cross-project-issues-dev] Eclipse project committer changes

Eclipse Project Committers: PLEASE READ! Your commit rights may be affected if you do not act on this message.

For historical reasons, the Eclipse project has a complex set of Unix permission groups controlling access to its source code. Many of these groups do not correspond to active component areas, making committer elections and access management unnecessarily complex for both Eclipse project committers and Foundation staff. We are seeking to rectify this situation by creating a normalized Unix group structure that maps directly to each of our projects and sub-projects. At the same time, we are taking the opportunity to clear out committers who have been inactive for extended periods. Essentially, we are only planning to add active committers into the newly created Unix groups that will control write access to our source repository.

If you are currently a committer on the Eclipse project (Platform,JDT,PDE,e4), please review the listing at [1] of proposed associations between committer IDs and groups. The mapping from Unix groups to projects in our repository can be found at [2]. No committer who is active or interested in remaining active should lose commit access to any source code they currently have write access to. If you believe this has occurred, please reply to this note on the eclipse-dev mailing list so it can be corrected. Note that some committers may gain write access to source code they previously didn't have access to as part of this change. Those committers are expected to maintain their usual discretion and avoid modifying code without first discussing with active committers in that area.

Apologies if you receive this note multiple times. Changing or removing commit rights is a process we do not take likely, and we are using every possible channel to make sure committers are made aware of the change. Component leads are encouraged to forward this note to their component mailing lists to ensure all committers are reached.


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