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[cross-project-issues-dev] Status and Outlook for M4 ... almost there?

build #127 still failed, but with only one (smallish) error:

The following error occured when building Indigo:

Unable to unpack artifact osgi.bundle,org.apache.derby, in repository file:/shared/indigo/aggregation/final/aggregate:
Unpacking fails because intermediate file is empty: /tmp/work2748165780311709851/p2.optimizers.incoming6016789585469632115.jar
Check the log file for more information:

Normally, I know just what causes these errors, but since this bundle comes from Orbit to begin with, I'm a little less sure of the root problem. Perhaps "reprocesssing" it?

I am hoping Eike or Michal know how to fix it soon.

I did go ahead and "promote" build #127 to 'staging'. I'm not sure what the b3 aggregator does with content metadata when there's an error such as above .... might
be undefined and the staging repo no good ... or, maybe still generates enough it's mostly usable, and then  
teams would have a little time to check and re-submit if something is out of whack.

So, we will need at least one ore respin, but I think the outlook is good to still get a good build by late tonight, or early tomorrow.

Thanks everyone for all the last minute fixes.

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