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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Quiet week begins ... for Helios SR1... just in time for Indigo M2

There was a problem with the signing of the additional EPP bundles that contain the branding information of the packages. It worked until yesterday without any problems, but today the ssh connection to was broken. I could 'fix' this by replacing the hostname in the ant script with localhost but I do not know why it failed.

Temporary p2 repository for the packages

Build location for the packages:

Regards, Markus

On 17 September 2010 05:52, David M Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The maintenance repository is now done for Helios SR1. (And, yes, it includes the latest PTP rebuild request).

Remember, once we promote maintenance to releases, the helios repo will be a composite repository with two sub-repositories: the original release(SR0) and SR1.
Thus, to test or see what your users will see after the release next week, you can enable, for now, both repositories in your client for your final update testing:

For some reason, the automatic EPP package builds were failing with the latest repo promotions ... I suspect it is not due to the content of the maintenance repository and Markus will fix it soon and generate the final EPP package on Friday.

Remember, rebuilds will now take approval of Planning Council and, as a kind reminder, it will take something pretty serious, A mere "bad bug" would not be a good justification. We are at the point that the purpose of our final testing is to at least know about bad problems before users hit them, and maybe provide a work around or patch ... but respins will be risky and expensive at this point. But, on the other hand, but if anyone finds a bug that causes cross-project  issues or install or update type problems, please bring it to our attention.

Now that Helios SR1 is finishing up, we will be focusing on Indigo M2. Those aggregation builds have been broken for a while so please respond quickly to any breakages (even if not your final M2 contribution) so we make sure we have good Indigo builds over the next two weeks.

Thanks everyone ... as always, please feel free to ask questions or post issues here to this list.

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