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[cross-project-issues-dev] EPP packages and the configuration problem

In order to keep you updated about the progress with the Helios SR1 RC3 packages:

In comment #21 of bug 322929 (see [1]) I tried to sketch my proposed solution for the configuration problem in shared installs of the EPP packages. My own focus has changed and my top priority is now to deliver SR1 packages that do not contain the problem any more (of course), but also not to include bundles in SR1 just because there were problems in the June release. My feeling is that this is too risky and that we should not change the configuration of the packages between the release and a service release. On the other hand that decision means that we need to educate some users that are using EPP packages in a shared install and are trying to update to SR1. More information and comments should be done on the bug.

The current status is that I now have a new metadata repository available based on this proposal. It can be found here [2] and is being used for the packages that a still building [3]. I will ask the package maintainers later today to test and sign off this build.

Thanks and regards,

[1] Bug 322929 - EPP configuration problem prevents shared installs from working
[2] - p2 repo

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