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[cross-project-issues-dev] Helios SR1 RC2 repo done, ready for testing

Please check and test our Helios SR1 RC2 repo, at

I know that LinuxTools and PTP projects were trying to get in some late changes, but those late builds failed ... and we are on last day of RC2 window ... so I suggest those teams continue to work on their builds and process so their contributions to RC3 next week will go smoothly.

I believe the RC2 EPP packages will be ready soon and a "sign off request" will be made on EPP list.

And yes ... RC3 starts now! Well, Monday to Friday of next week. And only one more, RC4, the week after that. Hopefully teams are nearly finished and these last two RCs will be small deltas from what we have now.

Its expected adopters and early testers can begin their final acceptance testing on RC2.

Let us know here (or open bugs) if issues are found or questions come up.

Much thanks,

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