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[cross-project-issues-dev] Congratulations on producing Indigo M1 repository!

Indigo M1 is here!

As far as I know, this is a first. Everyone is in! That is, everyone that was in last year that intends to be in Indigo ... newcomers for Indigo still welcome for subsequent milestones!
(As best I recall, last year we had a Helios M1 repo ... but only about half the projects participated. That itself was a first ... but now .... everyone! ... we are actually getting good at this! :)

The EPP packages are not quite ready. Markus said he was still migrating scripts but hoped to be done "in a day or two" ... so, we'll watch for his announcement.

Obviously, there is still lots of work/changes/testing to do to release Indigo (in fact, maybe the first milestone is the easiest? :)  ... but getting this "routine" building and aggregation coordinated so early will make the rest of the development cycle much easier and more solid.

Much thanks everyone.

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