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[cross-project-issues-dev] Status and outlook for Helios SR1 on +3 day.

I've opened bug 322465 concerning some errors that are preventing the repo from being built

I'm not sure if it is a "project" problem or a p2 problem. Is suspect the former, unless those projects really have been providing only site.xml files all along ... but they are currently missing content.jar/xml files and suspect they intend to provide them.

While we wait for that to be settled, I copied the "staging" files over to the "maintenance" directory. This is only to give the EPP scripts something to chew on, to make sure they run with new directory, and even if successfully built, the results would in no way represent anything accurate for Helios SR1.

Hopefully we'll get a green build early on Thursday, and then EPP can use some accurate input to build some warm-up packages


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