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[cross-project-issues-dev] Indigo aggregation builds are open for business ...

I have set up some aggregation builds for Indigo. As of right now, the files have the same content as is in the Helios SR1 files (well, actually a couple of days old, by now ... but I just needed something to get it working).

There's no special instructions (yet), because it's the exact same procedure and process as for Helios, but just a different project in CVS. You release engineers in charge of the Indigo builds should check out the follow project (from same CVS repository as the project) and update your contribution file there.

According to our yearly schedule, the platform is to update their files to M1 level this week ... and the rest of us next week. I'm sure there will be some breakage after the platform updates, but would appreciate everyone paying attention and fixing issues as soon as possible and/or giving us some outlook here on this mailing list.  

The builds are listed in the same place,
and work the same way (that is, builds automatically at most 15 minutes after check-in of a contribution file).

Let us know of questions or issues, or if I can help in some way. (In particular, there certainly could still be errors in scripts, etc., so let me know if something doesn't look right, mail notices not sent correctly, or something).

For anyone "new" (joining Indigo, but wasn't in Helios) you are welcome to give it a try now if you'd like, but might take some "back and forth" here on the list to get you going. Feel free to ask any question, as I forget what's common knowledge, and what's not.

Thanks all,

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