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[cross-project-issues-dev] [Fwd: Disk usage on build]


It seems we're running out of disk space for the various *build user home directories on  It is only a 210G partition.  This includes:

85M     dashBuild
16M     e4Build
109G    hudsonbuild
37M     jettyBuild
1.5G    modelingBuild
62G     nebulaBuild
2.0M    orbitBuild
73K     ormfBuild
1.5M    phpBuild
85K     rienaBuild
4.0K    runphpbuild
8.0K    tempdroy
89K     virgoBuild
2.0M    wtpBuild

--- Begin Message ---
/ is at 72%  
/opt is at 93%  

--- End Message ---

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