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[cross-project-issues-dev] Ready for Helios SR1 builds? .... and file format change?

Ready for Helios SR1 builds?

As we've planned, we have a "warm up" Helios SR1 build coming next week. See

We call it "RC1", but it is not truly a "release candidate", that is, lots of fixes remain, and we don't
recommend adopters or users spend much time doing early testing, since lots will still change.

It is, though, a good test for ourselves, that we all remember how to do builds, update our .build files, create packages,

.... and file format change?

Especially now, this cycle, since we no longer have .build files!

Instead we have b3aggrcon files. No one complained when I proposed we switch for SR1, so I've done that switch
now, just this evening. While this will require some of you to react on short notice ...  
those of you who automatically create or update .build files .... it is advantageous to do this conversion now since

1) the b3 aggregator basically does it automatically under the covers for us each build,
2) having in native format allows us to use the b3 aggregator editor, and
3) the b3aggr files can be copied and used as the initial input for our Indigo set of files.

Simply sync up, or check out '' and you'll see the new files (and the old ones deleted).

For more history, see bug 312645 ... I quote the concluding comment below, for maximum communication of
"how to" information.

As always, questions welcome, and don't hesitate to say (or open bugs) if something has gone wrong with the conversion.

Thanks all ... especially to Filip and Thomas for providing the b3 aggregator and helping me use it. It'll make all our
lives easier, now that we have the native format, and can use the b3 aggregator editor directly in IDE which can often
spot problems with files or repos "live", in IDE, before the contribution is checked into CVS.

= = = = = =

Just in time for Helios SR1 warm up,
I have converted all the .build files to the "native" b3 aggregator format so I
will count this as fixed. The conversion went smoothly and the first build
worked, see

Naturally, will need to be confirmed by those providing content, but at least
the build itself went fine.

The '' file was automatically converted to 'helios.b3aggr' file by
b3 aggregator (in the IDE -- its always been doing that, during batch builds).

>From there, there is a function where each contribution was selected in
aggregator editor, and "detach resource" ran. I gave each contribution a file
name similar to what it had, but with a .b3aggrcon extension, instead of .build

See for more information
about b3 aggregator.

In general, projects can contribute (edit) .b3aggrcon files that only change version
numbers of features or repository location URLs, but editing of things like
categories, contributors names and email addresses, or even adding or removing
features should be done by using the aggregator editor on the main
helios.b3aggr file, which will update all relevant files related to those

If needed for comparison, or reverting!, I tagged and with


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