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[cross-project-issues-dev] Auto-builds re-enabled ... and can we change files to b3 aggregator format?

I have once again switched on the automatic Hudson builds to aggregate the helios .build files, when they change in cvs.

The purpose of this, for now, is mostly just so you can update your URLs to your final versions, and remove any "temporary" sites you might have had building up to the release,
and then the build confirms there's no typos or anything. (I know some of you already have, or some of you may not use "temporary" sites ... but if you do, now is a good time to update).

So, if a build breaks, please attend to it promptly ... but, not as urgent as the "one or two hour" turn around .... one or two days is fine, for now.

The building and testing of Helios SR1 won't begin in earnest until September (a little in August)
but there is another reason to make sure our files are current and building now:

To complete the move to the b3 aggregator, I propose we switch over to the b3 aggregator format files for maintenance, as well as for Indigo builds.
See, and

If no one objects, in a few weeks, we can automatically convert the current .build files (I'm assuming ... haven't actually tried it yet)
and then once "maintenance" is building with new format, we can use those as the starting point, and copy over to a new Indigo build project to start building Indigo M1.

While the initial version (conversion) of these new format files will be automatic, I know changing formats will effect some of you and will require some action on your part:
that you may need to update your build scripts to produce or check-in the new versions.

So ... if this is a bad idea ... or the timing is bad, or the timing is critical for your teams, please comment, here or in the bug I know to "minimize change" we would normally keep the build files as they are, and just use new format
in the new Indigo builds ... but, that seems a bit awkward and error prone (to have two formats to worry about) so I'm thinking the format change might be easier?  

So, let me know ... comments welcome. We'll decide in a few weeks. Also, in a few weeks, I expect we'll have more info and schedule for the Indigo milestones.


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