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[cross-project-issues-dev] Helios Final Daze: T minus 2

We're in the Helios Final Daze!

The items below should already be done:
- clean up old builds and releases to make space on mirror sites
- provide info center jars in bug 315157

Things we should be doing today (or you may have done this already):

from 9:00 EDT to 17:00 EDT (at the latest)

* projects have prepared zips downloads and all update site files
* Teams are free to push final builds in their final location[1] at any time, hiding them from public web pages
* if anyone needs to update their web-pages ahead of time, with other projects final URLs, please ask on cross-project mailing list if you do not know what it will be.
* Projects must ensure update sites and *.build files stay coordinated, so sites could be re-created if required.
* Final EPP Package builds, if required. (/releases/helios and /eclipse/updates/ will be the input for the packages);
* last opportunity for anyone to declare "emergency, stop ship" (and it had really better be an emergency! A simple build machine crash does not qualify ... better have backups! ... and, maybe, a lab fire might qualify if it is wide spread :)

[1] Do note that, for rsync, renaming a directory is the same as deleting the old one and re-transferring the new contents all over.

To see what we'll be doing tomorrow:


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