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[cross-project-issues-dev] Disk space on @ 81%

The /opt disk on is 81% full, with 42G free space.  This disk is used to store the *build user home directories:

build:/opt/users # du * -sh
85M     dashBuild
6.5M    e4Build
339M    gmfBuild
120G    hudsonbuild
37M     jettyBuild
976M    modelingBuild
27G     nebulaBuild
2.0M    orbitBuild
73K     ormfBuild
1.5M    phpBuild
85K     rienaBuild
4.0K    runphpbuild
8.0K    tempdroy
73K     virgoBuild
2.1M    wtpBuild

hudsonbuild and nebulabuild are the two obvious culprits.

There is also 23G of data in the MySQL server.

/dev/sda6             209G  167G   42G  81% /opt

Thanks for keeping your temp directories and workspaces clean.


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