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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Re: Helios Final Daze

Just a quick follow-up ... After that I'll quit nagging, promised.

If you move a file from to, you do not need to change your links
-> if the path and name is preserved from to
-> if you're using the mirror script

As an example, the file below was on and has moved, but the link hasn't changed :

If you have any questions, or need assistance moving files, please let me know.


Over and out.

On 06/01/2010 03:22 PM, Eclipse Webmaster (Denis Roy) wrote:
At this time, the most urgent need I have is to liberate disk space on

Some folks have asked for a breakdown of the disk space used on  Here it is.  Thanks for doing anything you can to make our mirrors happy.
3.9G    amp         <-- *nudge*
1.3G    athena      
40G     birt        <-- Releases from 2006-2008, and old point releases should be moved to
1.7G    callisto
3.4G    datatools
7.7G    dsdp
23G     e4          <-- already?
123G    eclipse     <-- oink oink
60M     egf
37M     egit
5.1G    equinox     <-- *nudge*
531M    ercp
45M     esl
129M    gyrex
203M    ide4edu
1.4G    jetty
26M     jgit
2.6G    mat
33G     modeling    <-- exploded below
5.5M    mpc
32M     objectteams
7.0G    releases
29G     rt          <-- exploded below
537M    sequoyah
1.6G    stem
2.1G    stp
338M    swordfish
82G     technology  <-- exploded below
37G     tools       <-- exploded below
21G     tptp
29G     webtools
3.0G    amalgam
7.5G    emf         <-- *nudge*
1.8G    emft
2.5G    gmf
2.8G    gmp
601M    gmt
1.6G    m2m
2.5G    m2t
7.9G    mdt  mdt/papyrus/updates/nightly = 2.5G
2.7G    tmf
7.2G    ecf         <-- *nudge*
18G     eclipselink <-- oink oink 
1.3G    rap
1.8G    riena
401M    smila
249M    swordfish
415M    actf
857M    babel
234M    bpel
3.6G    cosmos      <-- oink oink
58M     dash
4.5G    dltk        <-- oink oink
1.4G    epf
55G     epp         <-- I'll let it slide
212M    geclipse
1.7G    higgins
495M    imp
22M     jwt
856M    linuxtools
1.6G    nebula
2.1G    ohf
1.3G    osee
696M    phoenix
299M    rap
29M     riena
20M     spaces
116M    subversive
1.1G    swtbot
5.8G    tigerstripe <-- *nudge*
414M    vtp
3.1G    ajdt
1016M   aspectj
457M    atf
2.0G    buckminster
15G     cdt        <-- oink oink
674M    gef
24M     hibachi
1.7G    mylyn
6.2G    orbit
3.7G    pdt
2.6G    ptp
225M    ve

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