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[cross-project-issues-dev] Significant change coming in WTP packaging for RC3

It is far later than it should be, to be making this kind of change, so I am sending this notice to wtp-dev list and cross-project list to make sure it gets proper visibility.

In WTP, the JEE and the JSF subprojects have regrouped a set of JSF bundles that used to be mingled in with the JEE bundles for packaging purposes, and pulled them out into their own, new JSF feature.

This was required to allow more flexible packaging options and, more importantly, independent maintenance releases in the future. See bug 302896.

The implication is that anyone that has a feature that prereqs or installs

org.eclipse.jst.web_core.feature, or

will now have to also prereq or install


to have the same, JSF functionality and bundles pulled in, that is.

Similar for SDK counterparts; there is now an org.eclipse.jsf_sdk.feature.

These new features are versioned as "3.2.0" to match the previous feature and highest bundle version.

Apologies for the late change. Entirely my fault for not realizing the importance of this change earlier.
I have, naturally, updated the file and opened a bugzilla entry to update EPP Java EE package appropriately.
See bug 314969

Sorry for the churn,

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