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[cross-project-issues-dev] Status for RC2 - so close ...

I was about to report "done" when I noticed another contribution kicked off another build.

It was egit, with a minor version bump to .8? Shouldn't versions be steady, by now?
At least without some broad announcement? I am not throwing stones ... I'll have my
own WTP confession soon.  Just asking/reminding.

But, seemed important, and as I looked at server, I see Hudson needs rebooting :(

So ... here's what I'll do

kill package build (since it takes all night :)
[sorry Markus, I know you hate it when I do that.]
allow two jobs to finish (one of which is the aggregator)
restart hudson.

If the aggregation with new egit succeeds, I'll restage that, and restart package builds.
If that aggregation fails for any reason, I'll declare done without it, and restart package builds.

Let me know if other issues.


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