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[cross-project-issues-dev] How to have fun with RC1

I have flipped that switch to make RC1 content visible in the common repository, at

There will now be RC1 and M7 content available there. (I could add back M6 content too ... if anyone has any use for it ... special tests they want to run with multiple composite repos. Performance? Rollback? Let me know soon, say my Tuesday of next week? Otherwise, I'll soon remove all the "old" (unused) milestone sub-repositories to free up mirrors space.  

Remember that if someone starts with M6 or M7, they _might_ still not see the most recent feature listed in a category (See bug
but RC1 itself should show categories correctly.

Now the fun part.

I suggest we all try upgrading a (non-production) version of a Galileo install, to Helios.
Just pick your favorite type of package or install, and see what happens.
As discussed in bug 303583
this is a migration path that _should_ work. For the first time, there are no platform limitations that are known to prevent it.
But, also as discussed there,
it has been decided not to aggressively push that upgrade path ... or even, officially, "support" it
(it is just too new, to know how to guarantee it, etc)  ... but ...
it would be good to know ahead of the release if there were big, obvious problems in some areas ... or,
if some users might have some success doing that type of upgrade. To test, just add
to your Galileo installation list of software sites, and try update or install (depending
on how your Galileo version was created).
I'm really not sure what to expect here ... I think it will either work like magic, or not work at all.
but I do think it is good to know ahead of time.
Please document issues found in bug 303583
or ask here if questions.


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