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[cross-project-issues-dev] Re: [HeliosAggregation] Failed for build 2010-05-20_01-30-47

You can remove pack.gz files if they are problematic, but you need to do it in a way that also adjusts the metadata to accurately reflect
what you ended up with.

Kim Moir has written some examples on her blog:

From: Christian Campo <Christian.Campo@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: David M Williams/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS
Date: 05/20/2010 03:19 AM
Subject: Re: [HeliosAggregation] Failed for build 2010-05-20_01-30-47

can I just remove the pack.gz from the updatesite for the tests bundle would that also work for the helios aggregator ?


Am 20.05.2010 um 09:13 schrieb David M Williams:

BTW, if worse comes to worst, e.g. the Java5/6 issue doesn't seem like it ... you can always avoid the pack.gz file by putting an eclipse.inf file in your MANIFEST directory. The eclipse.inf file would have something like


in it.
They you can open a bug on yourself to get to the bottom of it later.

I do need to ask ... why is a "tests" bundle going in the common repo anyway? I guess we don't have strict rules against it right now, but don't think most teams put unit test bundles there, if that's what it is.

Thanks,  and gooooodddddd niiiiightttt :)

From: David M Williams/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS
To: Christian Campo <Christian.Campo@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: David M Williams/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS
Date: 05/20/2010 02:59 AM
Subject: [HeliosAggregation] Failed for build 2010-05-20_01-30-47

The following error occured when building Helios:

org.eclipse.core.runtime.CoreException: Unable to unpack artifact osgi.bundle,org.eclipse.riena.tests,2.0.0.v20100517_2_0_0_RC1 in repository file:/shared/helios/aggregation/final/aggregate: Invalid content:org/eclipse/riena/internal/ui/ridgets/swt/MessageBoxRidgetTest$2.class
Caused by: org.eclipse.osgi.signedcontent.InvalidContentException: The file "org/eclipse/riena/internal/ui/ridgets/swt/MessageBoxRidgetTest$2.class" in the jar "/tmp/signatureFile16001.jar" has been tampered!

Check the log file for more information:

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