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[cross-project-issues-dev] Are we there yet?

No ... not yet ... but almost ... only one more week!

Today, Friday, is RC4, and our last build for Galileo SR2.

I suspect we'll hear more directly from Markus, but as far as I can see the latest Galileo Packages are the ones time stamped with 20100218-1611 (at
and presumably will be tested and confirmed later today (Friday).

I've put together a "checklist" for the remaining few days of SR2.

I know I've left people of the list, and did not mention all tasks other people have to perform, but the idea is that _you_ will fill it in for other tasks that need to be performed, coordinated, and communicated to others.
(Plus, I didn't know how to make a true checklist on the wiki, so if someone wants to transform it to a true checklist, that'd be cool).

If you have your own project level checklist it would be nice if you provided a link to it in the CheckListSR2 document, to serve as a good example to other Projects.  

As always, questions to this list help everyone.


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