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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Avoid blocking builds on Hudson / Determining Build Job Contact Info

I've captured this information here:

Feel free to add to the page.


On 02/18/2010 11:50 AM, Eike Stepper wrote:
Hi Nick,

Thanks for the hints.

For my jobs I added the contact email to the job descriptions:

And set the got-stuck-timeout to 90 minutes.



Am 18.02.2010 17:42, schrieb Nick Boldt:
If you can configure the job, you can see two fields which describe
contact info:

a) Enable project-based security - lists the committer IDs with write
access to the job

b) Email notification (if enabled) - lists default recipient of build
status emails

From (a) you can ssh to and finger those IDs to get
their email address, eg:

$ finger nickb
Login: nickb
Name: Nick Boldt nickboldt@xxxxxxxxx

If you can't read the job config because you don't have access in (a),
you can ssh to and check the equivalent file:

$ vi

Of course this assumes you have a full login shell to ssh to using your CVS/SVN credentials. If you don't, simply
open a bug and ask the webmaster to grant it (with a rationale like "I
run the builds for project Foo, so I need shell access to").



On 02/18/2010 05:39 AM, Stéphane Bouchet wrote:
hi Eike,

comments below :

Eike Stepper a écrit :
Hi everybody,

I noticed that some Hudson jobs tend to stay in the queue forever
because something in their execution is blocking. Thereby taking away
slots that could be used by pending jobs.
yes, especially when both galileo and helios epp jobs are running :)

I think it's a good idea to set an adequate timeout value in the
Hudson job config. The property is called something like "Abort
blocking builds".

the exact property on the job's config page is " Abort the build if it's
stuck " and you can set a timeout (minutes based).

Tests should generally be designed such that they can not block
indefinitely. For example, use (short) timeouts in statements like
CountDownLatch.await() or similar.

BTW. I find it rather hard to determine a build's contact email. Is
there a trick that I don't know of?

Don't know either, but good practice should be to always have a contact
in the config's page ( in the notification property) so that people that
can access to it can use that contact.



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