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[cross-project-issues-dev] Hudson Upgraded

The Hudson Server on has been upgraded from version 1.320 to version 1.337.  For a complete list of changes between the versions view:

Noteworthy Items:

  • Plugins - All plugins have been upgraded to the latest versions as well.  If you were using a plugin and it has stopped working please open a bug report with the Hudson admins.  We'll see what we can do to get them working again, or see about migration to another plugin.
  • Symbolic Links bug -Those that were having problems with the symbolic links the lastSuccessful/lastStable directories for a job, please run a build, and then check that you can access these links from the filesystem.  The issues is supposed to be fixed.
  • Master/Slave configuration - This version also has much more advanced Master/Slave control and configuration.  Which should eventually make managing a Hudson build cluster easier.
  • Ability to Delete users that were added manually.
  • Improved Maven integration.
  • Added sorting to the Directory Browser (i.e. workspace viewer).
  • If installing a new plugin, it will try to install any dependent plugins as well.

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