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[cross-project-issues-dev] Status and outlook of M4 aggregation builds

Many of you probably know the builds are still "failing" since there's an OCL version mismatch somewhere. That was hoping to be fixed by today, but apparently hasn't been.
(Let me know if the original problem was fixed, and now its actually some other complication ... I have not looked too closely yet).

But in any case, since the Platform is scheduled to deliver today, and we need to get a working stream to incrementally build upon next week ... a little later this afternoon ... 2? 4? ... I'll start using my favorite advanced programming technique to get around the problem ... namely, I'll just start removing things until it works!

So, 1) be prepared for lots of "failed build messages", as I like to remove things one at a time, rather than "guess" what will break (as far as I know, it'll be all OCL features ... then UML2 .... then GMF?).
Let me know if anyone has a better idea ... or, go fix the stuff, quick!  :)

2) If I have to 'remove' your features, be prepared to add them back in yourself, once you think they will build. I'm glad to help, but I can't really know each projects plan or status, so its the project's ultimate responsibility. You might want to set aside a version of to make it easier later to see how to get current again.

Thanks everyone ... hold on to your hats and keep your fingers crossed!

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