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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Galileo has left the repo

Pascal noticed this the day before the release, but it seemed risky to be playing with a new repository structure right before the release, after performing all the testing with the existing structure. David pointed out that previous simultaneous releases did the same thing, and I think changes would be needed to the galileo builder/aggregator to make this happen. In any case I realize all the discussion about this happened offline, so I've opened a bug to carry on discussion about it:

Minimally I think we've agreed to shoot for this (immutable repository content) for Helios, but I'll leave David to comment on whether we can do something with the galileo repository. Note the eclipse top-level project repository has both SR0 and SR1 content, so the multiple org.eclipse.osgi bundles you are seeing are likely coming from there.


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10/08/2009 09:35 PM

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[cross-project-issues-dev] Galileo has left the repo

I'm not sure if I missed something but it seems that the Galileo repo  
no longer contains Galileo! Rather, it just contains Galileo SR1. This  
is fundamentally problematic as it makes it impossible to have a  
stable reference to content.  This in turn makes it very challenging to
a) create a reproducible builds
b) create durable toolchains
c) use PDE target platforms with the software site provisioning  

Just one detailed example, the PDE target platform support for p2  
repo.  Target definition files maintain a list of features and  
versions that are part of the target. Me and my team have a mess of  
such targets and in fact, we are distributing a .target file as part  
of the code for the Equinox book. I happened to go and test our setup  
today only to find that the content was all gone and the target failed  
to load because the features are missing from the repo. It looks like  
some of the old bundles might be there (found three versions of the IU  
for org.eclipse.osgi!) but that's no good unless you have the over-
arching structure.

I humbly propose that
a) we restore the Galileo content
b) in future release repos are monotonic (love that word).  No  
deletion is allowed
c) we put in place tests that in fact ensure that nothing is deleted  
(in both the metadata and the artifact repos)


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