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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Adding NLS resources (externalized Strings) for Galileo SR ?

This is a good question for the planning council and the Babel project I suppose. I know for the Eclipse Platform we do occasionally make message catalog changes for service releases, but we try to avoid structural changes if at all possible (add/removing keys, or changing message parameters). This ensures "compatibility" of language packs across service releases. However, there are always a few cases where these structural changes are required, so we just try to keep this to a minimum. I think translators usually have tools available to "diff" the message catalogs across different releases and perform the necessary incremental updates. I'm not sure if Babel has this capability though...


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[cross-project-issues-dev] Adding NLS resources (externalized        Strings) for Galileo SR ?

Hi all,
I'm wondering if there is any requirement / recommendation whether NLS resources (externalized Strings) can be added for a project participating in a Galileo Service Release?
There is a "should do" requirement to "freeze the UI sufficiently early" but it does not talk about the service releases. Is Babel going to create any new NLS packages for the SR?
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