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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Please re-test /releases/staging

Only update site and mirrors - the EPP packages are not affected.

Regards, Markus

2009/7/2 Eric Gwin <eric.gwin@xxxxxxxxxx>

Just a quick follow-up. Is this going to effect the packaging too? In addition to checking the site, and verifying content and functionality. Will we need to verify say the JEE installer packaging? Or is this only going to effect the update site and mirrors?



David M Williams wrote:
As most of you know, we have to regenerate our discovery site, without one project, which was not ready to release, after all.
Normally this should be pretty easy to do, but ... our process basically takes a snapshot at a point in time, and the reproducibility, after that point, depends on each project maintaining their own reproducibility of that snapshot. And, there's been three violations of that reproducibility. Rather than leave out those three projects from the discovery site (my own grumpy personal preference, after monkeying around with this for two days) I've tried to work around that problem and essentially re-mirror and regenerate the metadata of the discovery site itself. That actually turned out harder than I would have thought, with some unexpected changes from the original ... some explainable, but some not. But, all of the unexpected changes would appear not to effect installs. Details are in bug 282036.

While I'm 99% sure the current staging site is equivalent to the site we released on 6/24 (minus one project), there is the possibility I'm mistaken (as most of you would readily agree. :)  Therefore, I request your help. Each project should do their own sanity checking of the current /releases/staging site and make sure your favorite scenarios still work as you expect (or, at least, works as it does using /releases/galileo). In particular, the scenarios that install into a PDE target (rather than into the IDE) are ones I did not test directly.
I'd like to set a time period of one week for teams to do this retesting. If that length of time is not sufficient, please say so, and we can extend it. But, otherwise, if no objections are raised by the evening of Wednesday 7/8, I'll swap the current staging site for the released site. [That is, we are using negative confirmation, successful re-testing does not need to be documented.]

If anyone notices any issues, problems, or has "mechanical" questions, please comment in bug 282036.

Thanks all,

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