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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] SDK's on Galileo?

1.) Projects SHOULD provide a runtime feature (no source, no developer
2.) Projects MAY in addition provide an SDK

That's completely the reverse from what I was told by Rich Gronback when we first started contributing features to Galileo. I was generating the .build file with sdk + runtime features included (as we did for Ganymede) and was told that this year, we should include ONLY SDKs. I'm glad we've swung the pendulum the other way. :)


As to the idea of having a "runtimes only" and a "SDK-heavy" site for the two types of users... why not have: for end users for extenders

I'd be happy to generate two .build files for the Modeling contributions if it would help solve this two-community dichotomy we have every year. The BuckyBuilder would have to be mod'd such that all * files would be ignored by the RT site and everything else would go to the SDK site.

Since p2 now defaults to searching a single site (or optionally, all sites) for performance reasons it might be nice to have a single SDK-heavy site so that users need not enable / add all the individual projects sites if they want sources/docs, but can simply select the preloaded URL for the SDKs and fetch from there.



Regarding the "SDK's in the RT Target Platform Category" idea, my understanding is that this would work fine for source
bundles, but the developer docs won't be visible by referencing
a target platform.

It may be an interesting enhancement request for next year to allow running a help server based on contents in the TARGET
platform and not only the development host as it is today.

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I may be missing the exact point of what started this thread, but I can confirm the original primary intent of the Galileo discovery site is to make it easy for "end users" of Eclipse to find the tools they need to use Eclipse, not extend Eclipse. And as such all projects should provide a "minimum install, non-SDK" feature(s). We've tried now for two years to figure out what to do about SDK's and the users that want to extend Eclipse, but no substantial progress yet. We'd talked about having a separate site, or perhaps s separate category, and have even started to try and define what an SDK is (see but have not made a group decision. I think since we (Planning Council) have not came up with an agreed-to definition or an agreed-to common way of handling SDKs, that projects will have to use their own best judgement. I'd say at a minimum you should provide the minimum install end-user runtime-type features ... this is best for those that just want to use Eclipse, say to create a web app, a php page, a Java program, some models, etc. If Projects believe they really have enough users that require an SDK, then I'd say it is ok to also provide an SDK feature, but has others have pointed out, those users should have the ability to find what they need, after installing the minimums. A new, late-breaking alternative might be to consider using the "EclipseRT Target Platform Components" category for _some_ SDKs and, in some of those cases, the corresponding "runtime" components, might not even need to be in a category, per se, just in the repository, since, as one concrete example, few end-users really have to install "gef" from the discovery site ... most would just get it automatically as they installed what ever graphical editor they wanted to use. Hope this helps clarify the current situation, and where we need to focus next year.

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