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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] SDK's on Galileo?

If you're an "extender", then you probably know how to find alternative repos for the SDK. I'm not sure I agree with putting them on the Galileo site at all.

Agreed, esp. since once you install the runtimes, their features' update sites will appear in the list of available sites and voom, you can fetch sources/docs from there.

Seems like we're doing things bass-ackwards by providing the SDKs rather than the runtimes. But of course I'm not on any of the Councils, so my vote's not really a vote.

But then, I'm not sure I've been asked. Is the Galileo site owned by the Planning Council?

<with tongue firmly in cheek> There are so many ways to be owned... which do you mean? Pwned, teabagged, rescued the princess / defeated the last boss, has the keys/pink slip, has a mortgage, has finished paying the mortgage, was eaten by a grue, was beaten to 1M followers on Twitter... :)

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