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[cross-project-issues-dev] Galileo M7 is done

All the bits are in ... and, I can even install them all! 

The discovery site is "built in" to Platform, but for some reason isn't 
showing up in the EPP packages (last I checked) so incase you need to add 

The site is fairly well mirrored now (approx 10) so my Monday should be 
good to go for the planned availability. 

Once again, great thanks to everyone working through all the difficult 
last minute problems. I say last minute, but some of them have existed for 
a long long time and only recently have been discovered, due to careful 
error checking in the new Buckminster Builder, thanks Thomas! Maybe we'll 
get less complaints about P2, now that some of the input has been 
corrected. Well, no, probably not, people can't resist complaining about 
P2 for every thing :) 

There was only one "process" thing I'd like to see improved as we move 
forward. During the last days and even hours there were a few new 
"submissions" to M7 that appeared to be due to some automated scripts 
automatically updating the Galileo .build submissions. This is not good. 
At best it changes the content slightly at the last minute (so it's 
untested) and at worst could have blocked us from being able to deliver M7 
on time. So, please, don't use automatic scripts to just "update your next 
build to galileo". Make it your intended contribution for that milestone 
or RC and then stop contributing or changing your update site until the 
milestone (or release candidate) is declared. Perhaps it was worse this 
time because we were delayed a couple days fixing some last minute packing 
and checksum problems. Naturally, if someone really does have a new, last 
minute submission to make because of some error they've discovered, that's 
fine, just announce it hear to this list, as many of you have done, which 
is greatly appreciated. 

Again, thanks to all ... we are now in the home stretch (the hardest part 

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