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[cross-project-issues-dev] Day 3+ Status and Staging

So close. 

A number of big issues were fixed in the two days, but, one small issue is 
not quite done, so I am not ready to declare M7 done. 

There's a last step needed to fix a mysteriously corrupted pack.gz file. 
See bug 275150.

Any release engineers from Modeling up late? 
If not, I'm sure it'll be fixed first thing on Friday. 

I have updated 'staging' with the very latest ... which has more content 
than ever before. ECF+2 is in, STP is in, xpand is in. All projects are 
in, except for swordfish, which has a problem with MD5 checksums that has 
turned out to be fairly common problem. We all learn so much going through 
this. See bug 275094.

So, outlook is good for Friday We still expect to be on target for Monday 
every good plan should have a little buffer built in.

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