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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Timeout when running tests

Yes, timeouts are supported for <java fork="true"/>.

From /cvsroot/eclipse/org.eclipse.test/library.xml:

   timeout - overrides default test timeout value (in milliseconds).
<property name="timeout" value="7200000" />
<java fork="true" dir="." timeout="${timeout}"
jvm="${jvm}" logError="true"
<arg line="-testPluginName ${plugin-name}"/>
<arg line="-className ${classname}"/>

For Athena builds, we just use the default value of 7200000ms = 2hrs; however, you can set an individual build job in Hudson w/ a much shorter timeout if you want (eg., 30 mins), but that kills the whole build+tests, not just an individual misbehaving test.

PDT used to use a custom version of library.xml so they could set their own timeout rules; not sure what they do these days.



Henrik Lindberg wrote:
At one point, we found a test in p2 that was hung, and this led me to look into if it was possible to configure JUnit to timeout tests that take too long. I did some googling, and found that in JUnit 4 it is possible to set timeout per test using annotations - seems like a very nice feature. In JUnit 3 it seems like it is possible to configure the overall timeout behavior, but that something known as fork-mode must be used at the same time.

What are others doing wrt. to tests and timeouts. Is the Eclipse infrastructure set up to timeout long running tests?

Henrik Lindberg

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