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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Status and Question about Galileo Build


> * - not in galileo build file. is this now obsolete? 
> replaced by m2t-accelero? 
That's right, m2t-mtl is now obsolete and can be removed from the CVS,
should I go ahead and delete it ?

> = = = = =
> P.S. Rich is on vacation this week ... which is why you are stuck with me 
> stumbling around these files ... so, be kind! :) 
Speaking about that, I'm wondering, how can we see the build log when
there is an error ? Hudson only says :

[galileo] $ ant -logfile
Buildfile: build.xml
Sending e-mails to: richard.gronback@xxxxxxxxxxx david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx
finished: FAILURE

Is there any href I 'm not aware of ?



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