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[cross-project-issues-dev] Status and Question about Galileo Build

By removing a couple of features, I got the build machine to complete a 
build. But, when I looked, there were some things missing that I expected 
to see there, such as PDT. So, that might be my fault. I added it to one 
spot, but think I need to add it to two spots. I'll try that again over 

In the mean time, here's the summary of what's in, and what's not, just 
going from the input files. My main questions have an asterisk ('*') net 
to the .build filename. If teams could please answer what they know about 
those .build files, that would be helpful. 

Also ... I don't see any .build file at all for some projects, such as 
eclipselink. Is it there in code and I just don't see it? Or not even a 
.build file yet? 

= = = = 

These removed since otherwise resulted in errors (bug 270368) (bug 269995)

* - not in galileo build file. is this now obsolete? 
replaced by m2t-accelero? - in feature section, not in contributions section. - in feature section, not in contribution section. 

These are not in galileo build file at all. Should they be? 
Have they been updated to point to M6 content? 
By any chance, that riena or buckminster depend on these and maybe that's 
why they have trouble installing (though the error message sure stinks if 
that's the case!) :) 


= = = = =

P.S. Rich is on vacation this week ... which is why you are stuck with me 
stumbling around these files ... so, be kind! :) 

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