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[cross-project-issues-dev] We are declaring Galileo's first combined milestone ("M6")

Given the many bugs and issues we've hit and the difficulty of doing 
remote/local builds and the unlikely odds we'll get anything much better 
any time soon, we have decided to "declare" M6 for what it is right now, 
move on, and start to focus on fixing things and getting ready for M7. 
(And letting the community test the M6 versions). 

This means the M6 packages are available for download at

And there is M6 content in the update site at 

All are fully mirrored and ready for testing. Please announce to your 
project newsgroups. 

To level-set end-users expectations, remember (to emphasize) this is the 
first combined milestone toward Galileo: even though we call it M6 (since 
it has M6 content in it), it will have some "first milestone" feel to it. 
We'd appreciate any testing that can be done, and bugs open, to help 
improve the next milestone. 

There are a number of projects missing, not necessarily through any fault 
of their own: STP, JWT, Buckminster, PDT, Riena, to name a few off the top 
of my head. 

Instructions to Projects for what's next: 

1. If you are in this M6 build, do nothing. We want to change as little as 
possible while we resolve other issues. So please do not change your 
.build files, nor the update sites they point to. We will send an explicit 
note when we are ready to receive content toward M7. 

2. If you are not in this M6 build, and you have some changes you know you 
need to make (e.g. the m2t note from yesterday) then go ahead and release 
those changes to ''. 

3. If you are not in this M6 build, but you've tried, and you have no idea 
why you are not, then stay tuned for a few days and see if you get a note 
about a problem ... or perhaps you'll show up in our 'staging' area soon 
with no further action required. If you hear nothing by, say, mid next 
week, that would be a good time to ask (on this list) what's up. 

4. If you are not in this M6 build, and you've never done anything to get 
yourself into this build, then what's up! Your late! :)

Don't hesitate to open "releng" bugs in cross-project component, or ask 
questions (here on this list). 

Thanks for everyone's patience and help, 

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