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[cross-project-issues-dev] Re: [modeling-pmc] Modeling in the Galileo release


i just notice the file has only been partialy updated during the MTL/Acceleo renaming process, we did not changed every reference of   "" to "" in the file.

Sorry for not having been able to identify that before though the fix is easy but as far as I understand the files are "freezed" right now.

how should we procede?


Anthony Hunter a écrit :

Hi Team,

I attended Sunday's planning council meeting for the tools PMC and said I would send this on the modeling team as well.

We discussed several projects that had not resolved their "must-do" Bugzillas for the previous milestones. We expected that a number of them were just administrative work that needed to be completed. Can we complete this work?

There were also several Modeling projects that had not yet contributed their bits to the release train, has everyone confirmed that there latest bits are in the Galileo builds?

p.s. do not submit anything new or changed just yet as Galileo is in a freeze trying to get Galileo M6 out.

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