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[cross-project-issues-dev] change behavior of terminate button

I created a small program. Inside that program is a class which I registered as a shutdownhookthread to jvm. I just invoked Runtime.addShutDownHook( myShutDownHookThread ). The inside the run method of myShutDownHookThread is a line which calls stop() method and the stop method is just simply System.out.println("shutdownhook thread called");

I tried to run the program using the command line. When I pressed Ctrl+C, "shutdownhook thread called" was printed. However, I tried to run in as a java application in eclipse. When I pressed the red button, nothing is printed. I had a doubt if the shutdown sequence of jvm was executed.

so, is there any chance of getting the jvm shutdown correctly by clicking the red button in the console view? any suggestions?

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