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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Galileo / Eclipse Platform repository issues

Thanks! Now it looks much better!

Regards, Markus

2009/3/10 Kim Moir <Kim_Moir@xxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Markus

I had a typo in the metadata files.  I've fixed this and the 3.5milestones site now has the correct metadata.


Markus Knauer <mknauer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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03/10/2009 09:47 AM

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[cross-project-issues-dev] Galileo / Eclipse Platform repository        issues

Hi *,

I am trying to use the p2 repositories of the platform team and the generated Galileo repository, but since a few days I have severe failures/problems.

(1) The 3.5milestones/3.5-I-builds etc. repositories are using the new composite repository layout ( but IMHO the repositories are inconsistent. E.g. eclipse/updates/3.5milestones lists the following children but none of them is there:

  <children size='3'>
    <child location='N20090303-1645'/>
    <child location='N20090305-1447'/>
    <child location='N20090306-1145'/>

I tried to consume them with the latest I-build I20090310-0100, but wasn't successful.

(2) It is not clear to me why the Galileo build is not failing. Obviously it is not using none of the p2 repositories.

  <contributions label="Eclipse">
   <contacts name="Kim Moir" email="
   <features id="org.eclipse.sdk" version="3.5.0.v20090202-7Q7bA7DPQ-nJD6V1BcTa0VNKvoomuLjMETt2u4z0hI8tv"/>

   <features id="org.eclipse.cvs" version="1.1.100.v20090123-7E79FBV9BJ99pAKG_13J33" category="//@categories.6"/>
   <features id="org.eclipse.pde" version="3.5.0.v20090123-7Z7YF8NFE-z0VXeYpohDfFNL" category="//@categories.7"/>

   <features id="org.eclipse.jdt" version="3.5.0.v20090202-7p84FGDFHmHulDaDz-tFp1nr" category="//@categories.1"/>

Any answers?


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