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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Development/APIs Requirement question

> how should I document them

The best way is to open bugs against the component where you found you need to use internal non-API, describing what you use, and why. This has the benefit of letting them know what you are using, making it a little less likely they would break you in the future, perhaps provide an API in the future, or, perhaps, tell you some way to accomplish the same thing using API.

Then, once you open the bugs against the components where you use non-API, just list the bugs in your "Galileo API bug". Then your done. Anyone can then go and read through the bugs to find out the extent of non-API use.


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[cross-project-issues-dev] Development/APIs Requirement question

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I verified Subversive with PDE API Tools on leveraging only published APIs of dependencies and got the API usage problems related to non-API usage (e.g. implements non-API interface, non-API parameter type etc.) and illegal usage (e.g. illegally extends, illegally implements etc.).

In general most problems of incorrect API usage are related to using eclipse team API (e.g.,

Development/APIs requirement says the following "all deviations must be documented". As I can't find another way how to avoid using non-API or restricted classes/interfaces, how should I document them(or process in another way)?

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