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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Horrible download performance from main download area

For just $3/mo you can use which is generally 1000KB/sec.

You get what you pay for, Friends.


Eclipse Webmaster (Denis Roy) wrote:
This could be a time of day thing. From an external line, I just got 250KB/sec from

If I look at the logs for, I notice that while there are not many ZIP downloads, there are many UM/p2 downloads coming straight to instead of using the mirrors.

Here is a list of the most downloaded files from

downloads/releases/ganymede/content.jar Size: 1129071
downloads/eclipse/updates/3.4/content.jar Size: 498576
downloads/tools/mylyn/update/e3.4/content.jar Size: 20631
downloads/technology/epp/updates/1.0/content.jar Size: 9935
downloads/webtools/updates/content.jar Size: 934138
downloads/releases/ganymede/artifacts.jar Size: 103246
downloads/tools/mylyn/update/e3.4/artifacts.jar Size: 3995
downloads/eclipse/updates/3.4/artifacts.jar Size: 47888
downloads/technology/epp/updates/1.0/artifacts.jar Size: 1213
/bin/ls: downloads/updates/3.3/site.xml: No such file or directory
downloads/releases/ganymede/site.xml Size: 42276
downloads/favicon.ico Size: 10134
downloads/webtools/updates/site.xml Size: 49176
downloads/tools/ajdt/34/equinox-aspects/content.xml Size: 41087
downloads/modeling/emf/updates/site.xml Size: 51741
downloads/tools/ajdt/34/update/content.jar Size: 13631
downloads/technology/subversive/0.7/update-site/content.jar Size: 12518
downloads/webtools/updates/artifacts.jar Size: 135265
downloads/eclipse/updates/3.4/plugins/org.eclipse.debug.core_3.4.1.v20090106_r342.jar Size: 309779
downloads/tools/mylyn/update/extras/content.jar Size: 15372
downloads/eclipse/updates/3.4/site.xml Size: 22405
downloads/releases/ganymede/ Size: 134832
downloads/tools/cdt/releases/ganymede/site.xml Size: 7777
downloads/modeling/gmf/updates/releases/content.jar Size: 168915
/bin/ls: downloads/updates/3.3/ No such file or directory
downloads/datatools/updates/site.xml Size: 53548
/bin/ls: downloads/updates/content.jar: No such file or directory
downloads/technology/babel/update-site/ganymede/content.jar Size: 1724
downloads/webtools/updates/ Size: 106706
downloads/tools/gef/update-site/releases/site.xml Size: 6656

I have opened this bug:

For those who must fetch N- or I-builds on a regular basis, there is an easy way to cheat by putting your download ahead of the queue, if you don't mind hacking the URL before your download. Just email me for details.


Thomas Hallgren wrote:
I know there's been several issues with mirrors and such lately but I had the impression that was cleared up? The reason I ask is that I still experience horrible download performance (5KB/sec or slower) from when getting the I-builds. Why is that? Is it still so heavily burdened?

Thomas Hallgren
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