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[cross-project-issues-dev] Ready for more signing fun?

Now that SR2 is out the door, our friendly webmaster has, again, updated the Eclipse Certificate used for signing.

I've promoted a recent Orbit build that has the new signature.

You can tell if your jar has the new certificate, vs. old one, because the new one is named "EclipseF.sf" instead of just "Eclipse.sf".

If you recall from before, a month or so ago, changing the certificate can in some cases cause problems with builds,
primarily due to things being "processed twice" when they shouldn't be, and therefore invalidating the first signature.

So, 1. If you use an older Orbit build, you can see if your jars are being "signed twice" since any bundles you use from
Orbit would have both "Eclipse.sf" and "Eclipsef.sf" if they are being signed twice, in any of your new builds after today.
So, it is a good short-time opportunity to test your builds for double processing.
And, 2. You might want to move up to that latest Orbit I build soon, to make sure there's no other unexpected side effects
of the new signatures, before we finalize our Orbit S-build for M6.

We'll have an "S-build" for M6 approximately March 13 for final use in M6.

See or comment in bug 252879 if issues are found.


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