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[cross-project-issues-dev] TPTP v4.5.3 will be renamed to TPTP v4.6 and JRE 1.4 support will be removed


Due to picking up EMF 2.5 in Galileo M5 which only supports Java 1.5, the next TPTP release that is delivered into Galileo (based on Eclipse 3.5) needs to remove JVM 1.4 support as well.  As a result, the TPTP PMC has decided that we will rename the current development stream that delivers into Galileo from TPTP v4.5.3 to TPTP v4.6.  The prerequisites and the intented content of this release is still unchanged.  This is just a renaming of the release name to emphasize the dropping of support for JRE 1.4.  The actual renaming of the builds will happen later on this week.

With TPTP v4.6, users would no longer be able to do profiling on Java applications running on JRE 1.4 if they launch the profiling session directly from the workbench.  However, they would still be able to do profiling by attaching to a profiling agent running JRE v1.4 if the agent is launched outside of the workbench.

If you have any concern with this change, please let me know.


Kathy Chan
IBM Canada Lab


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