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Re: Hudson restart requested to install new plugins (was Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] [galileo] FYI - Updated build with STP bits)

1.7.1 is already installed on (/shared/common/apache-ant-1.7.1), and I've added it to Hudson's list of available Ant installs as the default one.

IBM Java 1.4, 5.0 and 6.0 are also available, in /shared/common/.


Oisin Hurley wrote:
You mean "copy a folder within the trunk tree over to the tags tree" ?

Haven't seen it, but tagging/branching is such a total joke to do w/ Eclipse
+ Subversion that do you need the build to handle that?

Why not? I could be over here, drinking this margarita, while
latest good build gets tagged.

I've got UI tests running in the GEF build using Xvfb, but that requires
having Ant call shell call Ant, and ideally we'd keep everything in a single
thread, so the *whole* build would start from Ant and stay there, all in the
same X instance.

All in one ant would be useful alright. But, if you are using
Ant scripts that need 1.7.1 (c.f. makeurl task) then you need
to use the shell anyway, because the default Ant on b.e.o.
is 1.6. What's the chances that will change? Oh, I suppose
a bugzilla is in order...

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