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Hudson restart requested to install new plugins (was Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] [galileo] FYI - Updated build with STP bits)

Woo! Thanks for posting that this is possible. Last I heard the Hudson setup was only for Galileo, but not I see that's not the case.

I've managed to get GEF to build there using the Athena CBI builder.

I've also installed a bunch of plugins and upped the number of available executors from 2 to 4 (it's a 4-CPU server, right?).

Some useful plugins include:

* Audit Trail, Disk Usage (to track who's doing what)
* Bugzilla (hopefully to integrate CVS changes w/ related bug numbers)
* Build-timeout (to kill long-running / stuck builds)
* CVS Tagging (for use with Modeling builds
* Description Setter, Text-finder (to label build status)
* SCP, Promoted Builds, Release (to control how builds are published)
* XVnc (for running headless UI tests)
* Jabber, IRC, Twitter (notifications)
* Emma (code coverage)
* SSH Slaves (to control slaves via SSH, eg., to perhaps use vservers as slaves as usage grows)


when is a good time to restart Hudson so that we can start using these wonderful new plugins?

As you will see when you get to the Hudson page, I've
been doing some experiments to hook in automated
STP builds there - it's turning out to be very civilized
to deal with so far (and saves all that ssh'ing about).

Nick Boldt ::
Release Engineer :: Eclipse Modeling & Dash CBI

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